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Key Features Overview

Real-time Videos and Real-time Surveillance

Highly Efficient Real-time Videos and Real-time Surveillance

Real-time videos provide an intuitive interface and smart multi-stream technology to let you effectively monitor and control multiple IP cameras. You can monitor anytime, anywhere with just a web browser or desktop client software. Furthermore, it is compatible with platforms such as Windows©.

File Sharing

Local File Sharing and Cross-office Collaboration

Data mirroring automatically synchronizes data between EonStor GSe Pro systems and cloud on a real-time basis. Therefore, it offers a perfect solution to file sharing and collaboration between headquarter and ROBO across different geographical locations. The major benefit is that it leverages cloud storage as a centralized database which stores and keeps project emails and shared documents up to date; thus no time is wasted when searching for what you need.

Thunderbolt Supported Storage

Thunderbolt Supported Storage for 4K Media Streams

GSe Pro 200 series delivers sufficient capacity and outstanding performance for accelerating and improving content creation process. By employing GSe Pro 200 series, it makes even the most demanding creative projects easy. With Sonnet Twin 10G SFP+ Thunderbolt 2 adapter qualified by Infortrend, expanding capacity for Mac devices is fast and easy.

Desktop and Rack-mount

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